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Check IMEI iPhone Sim-Lock status and iCloud Lock

IMEI Check for iPhone – Service to determine the sim-lock status, provider and icloud lock status. Just check this iPhone by IMEI determines the country of purchase, guarantee, warranty expiration date, date of purchasing the iPhone. Using this information, you can select the appropriate service and unlock iPhone.

To check the iPhone IMEI, Fill out the form below. Checking takes no more than 5-20 minutes.

Check iphone locked status free, Enter the 15-digit IMEI code

1. Enter * # 06 # on the phone to get a unique 15-digit IMEI number

2. Your Name (as it is possible to address to you?)

3.Your E-mail feedback

 I want to unlock the IMEI

Duration of imei check depends on the workload of our staff is from 5 minutes to 3 hours. To speed up the process please contact our experts by e-mail or through the chat form.

Why do I need to checks the iPhone IMEI?

Check IMEI is used to determine the presence iPhone locks and other information on your smartphone. Verification is needed to select the appropriate service for unlock your iPhone.

What is the IMEI and how to see it?

How to see the imei iphone? IMEI can be found on the back of the smartphone, on the tray for the SIM card. Or dial the iPhone keyboard combination * # 06 # imei will be displayed on the device screen.

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