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IMEI - a unique 15-digit mobile device number.

1: If the device is activated and you can go to configure the device, open the iphone / ipad settings, go to "Settings"> "General"> "About your device" There you will see the device IMEI.

2: Call on the phone keypad combination * # 06 # and get the IMEI number on the screen. This method is suitable for devices that are being activated.

3: iphone 5,5c models, 5s, 6,6s IMEI can be viewed on the device.

After the release process and a positive response from the provider, iphone, you can activate two ways:

1: Insert the SIM card of your provider and activated via wi-fi

2: Insert a SIM card for your carrier and connect your phone to itunes, then the phone will be activated and will find your operator's network.

In order to check whether your phone is locked on "Find my iphone" you have to pass away the link enter the IMEI or serial number

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